Modern kosher catering for Toronto's corporate events.
Attractive, delicious, modern kosher catering for corporate events in Toronto!

Are you looking for a kosher corporate caterer who delivers elegant and unique  fare outside the usual offerings?  Take a look at our modern kosher menus. You will find options that you probably didn’t even know can be made kosher like barbecue and sushi.

Surprise Them with a Kosher Event They Didn’t See Coming!

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering is no stranger to corporate events. Whether you are looking for an understated yet elegant cocktail hour, or a more laid-back happy hour, we will plan and deliver the best kosher catering service you’ve ever had. Our menus feature modern kosher cuisine—innovative, creative, and most of all, fun. Your guests won’t believe it’s really kosher but it is!

Are you thinking about serving a meal? Let us make it easy for you. We offer full-service service sit-down dining options and buffet service, as well as hors d’oeuvres trays carried around the room for your guests to sample.

What if your guests bring a variety of different tastes? Take a look at our interactive catering stations that serve modern kosher foods from Asia, Mexico, and the Middle East. What about a nice kosher barbecue, or a carving station for beef lovers? Do you need food for vegetarian clients or employees, or those who require gluten- or nut-free diets? We offer it all–cooked fresh from our mobile kitchens with the highest-quality foods from certified kosher providers. Just tell us about special requests and we will make sure it’s fulfilled—equally delicious, attractive, and properly served.

If you want have something really different in mind, talk to us. We can create a customized menu for you, based on our current menus or your own ideas. Bring us a recipe and we’re sure we can make a kosher version of it!

COR-Certified Kosher Corporate Catering

We cook all our meals fresh in mobile units certified by COR, the Kashruth Council of Canada. Our main kitchen is also inspected and certified by COR. Yes, it looks different. We know it tastes amazingly like what you might have in a ritzy sushi bar or down-home barbecue joint, but it’s still kosher.

Please note: we have a 50-person minimum for corporate events.