Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tips to Consider


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

So many brides are now leaning towards a beautiful outdoor wedding that encompasses their event vision. Oh the thrill of celebrating outside, the bright blue skies, the natural décor, the romantic breezes and all the works. At least, that’s how you imagine it. Alas the reality is that so much can happen when partying outdoors. Here, the best tips for planning an outdoor wedding and for ensuring the day goes smoothly.

• Choose your location wisely
It is indeed practical to choose something that is meaningful as with any location. When searching and scouting for locations, don’t discount non-traditional options. Consider the time of year and what will be growing and in season for your wedding. The more green and lush a garden, yard or field is, the more vibrant everything else appears with it. Ensure you have an area that can serve as a main focal point for your guests to attract their attention. You will also want to make sure it is easily accessible. There needs to be an easy way in and easy way out so do not forget to take into account elderly or handicapped individuals in your guest list. When your space is vast and large, don’t be afraid to use areas to create lounge or rest areas.

• Let the season set the tone
Let the time of year guide the majority of your decisions. You might really love peonies and asparagus, but if you’re planning your wedding for July or August in New England, you will have a hard time finding them. Try not to drive yourself crazy with a pre-determined color palette or menu, rather just work with what’s in season instead.

• Ensure protection covering for your outdoor wedding ceremony
Make sure that your food areas (stations, buffets, cakes, etc.) have proper cover and protection from wind and insects. If you are in a humid area or an area that has an infestation of mosquitoes, sand gnats, and so on. Check if your location can be sprayed or bring in fans to disperse them. These tiny wedding crashers can and will ruin the experience at your wedding, so don’t take this lightly!

• Have a Backup Plan
It really doesn’t have to be an entirely new location, but if you’re planning an outdoor wedding it’s sensible to have a backup plan just in case the weather ends up not being favorable. It might be a barn that you can move into in case a storm blows in, or a tent that you rent to dine under in case there’s an evening shower.

• Choose the lighting wisely
If your event will go into the evening, consider what you will do for your lighting– will you bring in tiki torches, string/bulb lights, lamps, or dramatic lighting? This is something that you cannot treat lightly and need to consider as you make your location decisions. The last thing you want is a wedding in the dark! Hence, check your power sources– you may need to bring in a generator to accommodate the needs of your caterer, band and so on.

In general, try to see your location at or around the same time you are planning to have your wedding to see what factors need to be taken into consideration: lighting, weather, insects, tides, winds, etc. These factors will help you with your layout but also creating realistic contingency plans for your wedding.

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