Kosher Weddings

chuppahAre you planning a kosher wedding?

Mitzuyan is the perfect choice for your kosher wedding catering and event planning solutions.

Instead of looking for a kosher event venue, choose your desired location and bring Mitzuyan to prepare and serve your kosher catered cuisine.

Mitzuyan can create a kosher kitchen in event venues which do not have on site kosher kitchen facilities. Mitzuyan has developed an expertise in the creation of mobile kosher kitchens. A major cost factor is the rental of kosher equipment, dishes and cutlery. Mitzuyan can reduce the rental cost of kosher equipment, kosher dishes and kosher cutlery, and may be able to eliminate them.

No wedding is too large or too small. Many people are concerned that their wedding may be to small and that they will have to compromise on their wishes and desires. Mitzuyan has done numerous small size weddings which have ranged in size from 35 people to 100 people. They are able to find and host small weddings at boutique reception venues in Toronto and the surrounding area.

The number of people you are going to invite to your wedding will determine which event venues are suitable for your event. However, your budget will determine which event venue you can afford. The most economic times to have a wedding is in the winter. The winter season is usually a slow time for event venues and they are more amiable to negotiations. Weddings which take place during the week are more conducive to substantial discounts because event venues are not busy during the week.

The kosher catering team of Mitzuyan can design kosher menus which will suit your budget and your taste. The chefs can prepare traditional kosher cuisine and can prepare modern kosher international cuisine. They have developed kosher Italian, Caribbean, Cajun, Spanish, East Indian, Moroccan, Persian, Philippine and Chinese foods for weddings. Our international chefs can transform most non kosher food recipes to kosher food with the use of the right kosher ingredients.

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