Kosher Weddings in Toronto

Kosher weddings in TorontoMitzuyan is a Toronto kosher caterer who provides affordable catering solutions to kosher weddings in Toronto.

Why are a kosher weddings more expensive?

The cost of a kosher wedding at an event venue which doe not have an on-site kosher kitchen escalates because a kosher kitchen must be constructed. This involves the rental of kosher kitchen equipment, kosher dishes and kosher cutlery. The rentals add to the cost of the wedding.
The rental costs of each event venue are different. Some include wait staff, linens, alcoholic and non- alcoholic bar, ceremony room, set up and tear down. Others include a basic room fee.

Building a kosher kitchen in a non-kosher kitchen environment requires careful planning. A non-kosher kitchen must be cleaned and all non-kosher kitchen equipment, dishes, cutlery, glassware, small ware, food ingredients must be segregated and secured. This procedure provides a safe working environment for kosher catering services to take place. This added step to the catering service adds to the cost of the wedding.

A kosher supervising mahgiach must be on site to ensure that all kosher regulations in the preparation of kosher food are complied with.

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering is a full-service kosher caterer and can reduce the costs of providing kosher catering services at event venues which do not have an on-site kosher kitchen. Mitzuyan can recommend Toronto venues which can satisfy your budgetary constraints. They are a preferred vendor at many event venues which can accommodate outdoor ceremonies. They offer all inclusive kosher catering packages for your wedding. Mitzuyan has formed a close business relationship with several wineries in the Niagara region. Mitzuyan is a boutique kosher caterer. They only undertake one wedding per day and focus their attention on your event. The catering team has remained the same for over 10 years.

Mitzuyan can design a menu which will satisfy your budget and your taste.

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