Kosher East Indian Catering

East Indian Kosher CateringWe had the pleasure of hosting a kosher East Indian wedding. The culture and traditions were maintained within the parameters of kosher rules.
The East Indian kosher catering food tasted delicious. The aroma from the spices used in the cooking were wonderful and reminded many of the older guests of their childhood in India.

The chefs who cooked the food were trained in East India and cooked with the guidance of our executive chefs. All recipes were transformed to use kosher ingredients and follow strict kosher guidelines. The food tasted better with the use of kosher ingredients. There was no loss in taste with the kosher transformation.

The music was amazing, and the dancing was spectacular.

It was a magnificent accomplishment for Mitzuyan, a Toronto kosher catering company.

The menu was as follows:

Pickled carrots with sesame dressing
Cucumber salad with herb lemon dressing
Red leaf salad with toasted cumin croutons
Channa masala—chickpeas cooked with various spices and garnished with tomatoes and fresh cilantro
Madaras coconut vegetable—mixed vegetables cooked with coconut milk and curry leaves and spices
Baigan Bharta—roasted eggplant with green peas, tomatoes, and herbs, enhanced with a taste of ginger and coriander
Chicken curry—chicken thigh cooked in our in house curry blend mixture
Khema—East Indian style ground beef with in house special spice blend
Rice pilau
Assorted sorbets
Ravi Labadoo

We added a late night savoury station at the request of the groom. It consisted of food truck delicacies such as French fries, mini pita stuffed with shawarma, beef kebabs on a stick, Jamaican patties and Argentine empanadas. They were demolished by all the grooms men as they were leaving the party. The ladies had no chance.

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering tries to accommodate the requests of everyone involved in the wedding party.

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