Kosher Catering At Its Best

Kosher catering in Toronto for a kosher weddingWhy is Mitzuyan Kosher Catering the best choice for your kosher wedding?

Mitzuyan is a boutique style Toronto kosher caterer who only undertakes one wedding per day. Our chefs concentrate on your event and make sure that everything that you wished for comes true. The chefs and staff do not have to prepare for other kosher weddings on the same day. This eliminates confusion and ensures that the right food is delivered as per the client’s specifications. It provides assurance that the food preparation will not be sacrificed because time and ingredients are allocated to other weddings on the same day.

Mitzuyan does not use part time chefs or free lance chefs. All our chefs are full time employees. The chefs who prepared your tasting will be the same ones preparing and serving your food on your wedding. A stable small team of small chefs ensures that the quality of food is maintained. The chefs design and execute the food menu options. Your wedding is not run by a chef who merely follows recepies developed by others.

The chefs at Mitzuyan will customize any menu to suit your budget and your taste.
Pricing is affordable because Mitzuyan has its own inventory of dishes, cutlery and glassware. Kosher rentals are not required. If the kitchen equipment at an event venue can not be made kosher, Mitzuyan will bring its own kosher kitchen equipment.

All the kosher food is made from fresh ingredients. Prepackaged and frozen are words that are never spoken by any of the chefs in the kitchen.

We have our standard menus, but we excel at creating new innovative menus. Provide Mitzuyan with your wish list and they will transform the recipes to kosher.

Mitzuyan will absorb the landmark fees that are charged by event venues in Toronto and the surrounding area. No other kosher caterer will do this. They can provide full catering services, if requested.

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