Kosher Catering Toronto Introduces New Food Stations

kosher catering toronto
A sample of catered dishes by Mitzuyan Kosher Catering

Mitzuyan kosher catering  Toronto has designed new kosher buffet food stations for kosher events: weddings, barmitzvahs, batmitzvahs and galas.

Kosher catering Toronto is changing and Mitzuyan is taking part in that change.

Whole Food Dinner Buffet

Assorted artisan dinner rolls
Arugula and tossed green salad with strawberries, pears and candied pecans in a balsamic vinaigrette
Farfalle pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and black olives, roasted peppers in a pesto dressing
Edamame and Napa cabbage salad
Poached salmon in a miso glaze
Quinoa with sweet potatoes and cranberries
Israeli cous cous salad
Grilled vegetable skewers
Seasoned oven roasted potato wedges (room temperature)
Platter of sliced fresh seasonal fruits and berries

East India Dinner Buffet
Vegetarian samosa
Vegetarian pakora
Chana Masala
Chicken curry
Butter chicken
Aloo gobi
Mushroom labadar
Rice pilau

Asian Buffet
Sweet and sour chicken balls
Egg rolls
Chicken Shanghai noodles
Vegetable chow mien
Chicken chop suey
General Tao chicken
Vegetable stir fry
Beef with vegetables
Szechwan beef
Steamed vegetables
Fried rice

Thai Dinner Buffet
Steamed dumplings
Chicken larb
Thai green salad
Vegetable pad Thai
Cashew chicken
Sweet and sour chicken
Basil beef
Basmati rice
Steamed vegetables
Garlic green Beans

The tastes of kosher millennials have changed the landscape of kosher cuisine. Traditional kosher dishes are being reinvented to accommodate the tastes of a new generation.

Vegan and vegetarian kosher food is now the trend. Non kosher vegan and vegetarian food recipes are being transformed to adhere to kosher rules and regulations.

Our chefs are continuously learning new kosher food preparation techniques from around the world. We are attending education classes at various catering events in the United States and Europe. We are deconstructing our present kosher menus and creating new kosher food menus. Kosher cuisine is changing, and our chefs are doing their best to keep current.

Our kosher mobility enables us to incorporate new innovative kosher techniques to all our kosher events, regardless of location.

We are able to create perfect kosher food for perfect kosher events.

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