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How to Throw an Incredible Engagement Party: 3 Ways to Make the Day Special

An engagement party is a special way to celebrate the Mr. and Mrs. to-be. The perfect engagement party happens soon after the engagement (no one wants to wait to say “Congratulations!”), allowing family and friends the opportunity to see the couple in person. Having an engagement party can help a couple manage the dinner, brunch, and date requests that start coming their way after making the big announcement. Rather than trying to fit everyone in individually, an engagement party lets you pick the date and time, getting everyone together for one big occasion.

And while the most special part of any engagement party is simply the engaged couple, here are three ways you can make the day incredible:

Choose A Venue That Is Meaningful And Practical.

Keep in mind that everyone you know is wanting to wish you and your partner congratulations. Choose a venue that will allow the majority of your guests to come and enjoy. While you might be tempted to pick a locale that is unique, the best engagement parties tend to be the ones that stay close to home. Backyards, childhood homes, and favorite restaurants keep the venue simple, accessible, and no less special.

Don’t Over-Do It.

There will be bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and, of course, the big day itself in the future. Add in wedding dress fittings, luncheons with in-laws, and rehearsal dinners – and you and your friends and family have a full plate. The engagement party should be special and beautiful, but it in no way should come close to upstaging your actual wedding. And while some guests will bring gifts for the couple, creating a registry for the engagement party can be overkill.

Don’t Forget The Toast.

The newly engaged couple is THE main event at any engagement party. A toast is a great way for the couple to talk to everyone at once, thanking them for coming, sharing their engagement story, and telling family and friends how excited they are for the big day. Skipping this toast not only leaves a lot of guests wanting more, but it will cause you to have to share the same details over and over again. (Not that you mind, of course, but it can get exhausting!)

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