Cocktail Party for a Wedding Reception

cocktail wedding receptionCocktail parties for wedding ceremonies are becoming more popular and trendier. Multi course dinner parties in an elaborate venue many not be suitable for every budget. Formal, traditional plated dinner menus may not define the personality of the bride and groom or their lifestyle. It is easier to find a venue for a cocktail party than it is for a traditional sit-down dinner party.

Cocktail parties are simple and you can offer your guests a wide variety of food choices. There are ample hors d’oeuvres and small plates which you can offer to your guests, as they mingle and get to know one another. You can also offer your guests spectacular inter active food stations as an option.

You should make sure that your guests are aware that a full dinner is not being served after the wedding ceremony. Your guests will consume more food during your cocktail ceremony because there is no dinner planned.

Timing and location is very important if you decide to have a cocktail wedding reception. 5pm to 7pm is the best time for a cocktail reception.

Signature drinks are a must at every cocktail reception. Share your favourite drink with your guests. Make sure that the bar tenders are entertaining.

Cocktail receptions are much cheaper than traditional wedding receptions for several reasons: less food, smaller location, less table means less centerpieces, linen and china, and less set up and tear down by the venue.

Mitzuyan kosher catering provides kosher catering solutions to all types of events. They have created innovative, special designed kosher cocktail party menus. Some of their most popular interactive stations are sushi, shawarma, Brazilian barbecue, Caribbean delight, Hawaiian luau, New Orleans temptations, Spanish tapas, Memphis blues and Texas roundup.

The best thing about Mitzuyan is their mobile kitchen which can set up anywhere and provide you with outstanding kosher cuisine. You can have your cocktail wedding reception at any location in Toronto.

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