Alternatives to Wedding Cakes: 5 Delicious Options Your Guests Will Love

Wedding CakeWhile the traditional wedding cake will always have its place, some non-traditional options are making a big splash. Whether couples are looking to save money, find a unique way to share their favorite dessert, or simply wanting to wow their guests with something unexpected, more and more weddings are taking place sans the multi-tiered tradition.

But when the new desserts look and taste as good as the ones below, no one seems to mind. In fact, don’t be surprised to find your guests thrilled with your decision.

Here are five delicious alternatives to wedding cakes that you and your guests will love:

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love this fried indulgence. And considering how many types there are to choose from, these affordable and scrumptious delights look beautiful displayed on a table – and are easy to serve and match to your day’s theme or colors.

There are many people who actually prefer pie to cake and why not? Pies are unexpected at a wedding but are not at all strange. Plus, they allow couples to still follow the tradition of cutting the first slice. For another fun twist, consider mini hand-held pies stuffed with your favorite or seasonal fruit!

Couples are getting creative with cookies at weddings, stacking them into beautifully tiered displays, frosting giant versions, and even creating ice cream sandwiches from them. Cookies take you back to childhood and can be a great way for you to incorporate lots of different favorites and flavors.

DIY Ice Cream Sundaes
Perhaps the ultimate wedding cake alternative surprise, create your own ice cream sundae bars do two things at once: they give guests a fun activity while satisfying their sweet tooth. There is no limit to how much you can customize these stations, from ice cream flavors to toppings, bowls and even spoons.

Jar Desserts
Wanting a mobile dessert that’s easy to serve and could also double as a favor? Jar desserts (think cupcakes in mason jars, although the options are really endless) look beautiful and take away the service issues that can come with traditional desserts.

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