Affordable Kosher Catering

affordable kosher wedding catering
Fish dish Fillet of Turbot with eggplant pie and almonds portion

Non-Traditional Affordable Kosher Catering for Weddings

Our kosher catering team can design a kosher wedding event to satisfy the needs of every bride. We listen and provide kosher catering solutions to address their needs.

We recommend Toronto venues which can host kosher catering at an affordable price. There are many wedding event venues in Toronto but not all of them are affordable. The added costs of kosher rentals and landmark fees makes many of these venues very expensive. We have developed a special working relationship with numerous Toronto wedding venues and are able to offer affordable kosher catering.

Our bride this past weekend was pescatarian, but at the same time followed a vegetarian diet. Our challenge was to incorporate a fish diet and a vegetarian diet into classy kosher wedding menu.

We decided to prepare a kosher wedding buffet to allow alternative options for the wedding guests.

The kosher wedding menu featured:

Butternut risotto with marinated tofu and glazed pears.
Butternut squash ravioli in a sage sauce.
Jerk salmon with pineapple salsa and plantain mash.
Yukon gold potato gnocchi with grilled corn, roasted red peppers, garlic confit, white wine sauce.
Moroccan spiced salmon served with citrus Israeli salad.
Quinoa salad with cranberry, almonds, sweet potatoes, lemon vinaigrette.
Edamame and roasted corn salad.
Mango Salad: A mixture of romaine, iceberg, and cabbage tossed with grilled vegetables, roasted corn, black beans, mango, in a mango citrus vinaigrette.
Pasta rustica featuring large tossed with roma tomatoes and fresh tarragon in a creole cream sauce.
Tuscan Style Grilled Vegetables: featuring white asparagus, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and sweet peppers, all tossed in basil oil grilled over an open flame and served room temperature
Miso glazed Chilean sea bass
Salmon barbecued on cedar wood with home made barbecue sauce.
Pomegranate salmon
Fragrant jasmine rice
Sautéed green beans
Mashed potatoes
Sweet station featuring: sliced fruit display, pastries, Belgium waffles.

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