Kosher Weddings on a Budget-Tips


kosher wedding Kosher Weddings are expensive. But, in recent years, the price of weddings has seriously skyrocketed. So much so that couples are in serious debt for years because of their special day.

Did you know that Prince William and Kate Middleton spent nearly a million just on flowers alone for their wedding?

Obviously, they weren’t planning on a budget.

But, if you are, it doesn’t mean that your day can’t be just as special. In fact, planning a wedding with a modest budget can help you focus on the things that really matter instead of getting lost in what can feel like superfluous details.

Below is a list of eight smart ways you can work with a budget for your wedding.

1. Get a steal on your venue. Maybe you know someone with a beautiful backyard that you could use for your ceremony or reception. Or, do you know the owner of a local restaurant or shop that would let you use their space for little to nothing? By looking at venue spaces creatively, you are more likely to get a deal – which will leave money for other things on your wedding to-do list.

2. Get creative with your food options. Guest are more concerned about eating good food than eating expensive food. Consider renting a cool food truck to park outside of your venue. Oftentimes an option like this can be a third of the cost of a traditional caterer.

3. Don’t overspend on the dress. While for most brides the dress is arguably one of the most important things to buy, it doesn’t that you have to spend everything you have on it. There are beautiful less expensive options out there. Just by buying a white dress instead of a “wedding” dress can save you thousands. Also, think about borrowing one from a friend or family member. Not only is this an affordable option, it can be more memorable too.

4. Consider hiring a good photographer, rather than just someone with a name. Big-name photographers are going to cost significantly more than those who work on their own or have a smaller company. Many of these “smaller” options take stunning pictures and can actually give you more attention. Of course before hiring anyone, be sure to get samples of their work so you can trust that you are getting someone who can deliver what you want.

5. Get your honeymoon for free. “How?” you might wonder. Well, instead of asking for household items for wedding gifts go to a website like and get your guests to contribute towards your dream honeymoon.

6. Don’t forget the music! You may or may not need to hire a DJ. If you can get your hands on speakers and create an awesome playlist, many couples discover that they can take care of their music all on their own. If you want, you can always pay a friend $50 to be in charge of the playlist for a few hours if you would feel better having someone watch over what’s happening.

7. Go light on the flowers. You could easily blow your entire budget on flowers if you get carried away. Use your flowers as an accent piece rather than a centerpiece. Remember, inexpensive candles with vases from a vintage store can look just as beautiful as a plethora of flowers.

8. Oh no, the rings! Be sure to shop around and find something you love, but also be sure to not overspend. Just like flowers, you can blow your whole budget here if you’re not careful. You want your rings to be a reminder of your commitment – not a reminder that you spent too much money!

By getting creative and being smart, you can have the special day you’ve always wanted – even if you are working with a tight budget.

Mitzuyan can design a kosher menu for your kosher wedding to suit your budget and your taste.

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