5 Dangers of Planning An Outdoor Wedding

outdoor wedding ceremonyNature, on your outdoor wedding day, can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. While there are many temptations to getting married outdoors, the results unfortunately are not always as picturesque as Disney princesses frolicking in the woods lead you to believe.

Before you settle on having your big day outdoors, consider these five dangers…

1. Nature is unpredictable. Rain, wind, extreme heat, extreme cold … even though you swear it’s never snowed in May where you live, it will on your wedding day. Or rain. Or be so windy that you are chasing down flowers and tablecloths, leaving all of your pictures looking like Dorothy’s farm before she realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore.

2. People are unpredictable. And not just the people at your wedding. Being outdoors makes your big day more prone to strangers walking through, the noise of a construction site drowning out your vows, or your best friend’s boyfriend deciding to reconnect with nature, relieving himself behind a tree that he thought no one could see.

3. Your choice of wedding date will be more restricted. When you plan for an outdoor wedding, you are entering yourself into the world of “wedding high season.” This means everything will cost more, venues will be more limited, and you will be fighting for your guests to come to your wedding instead of the other half dozen that are happening at the same time.

4. There is more pre-planning necessary. Being aware of all of the potential dangers of an outdoor wedding will require you to have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan G… You will be up at night thinking about where to do your first dance if it starts to rain, how you will fit everyone inside if the wind starts to pick up, and who will be responsible of saving all of the flower bouquets that are bound to wilt under the hot sun.

5. Something is bound to happen. And while “something” is always bound to happen at a wedding (insert drunk uncle near the wedding cake), being outdoors makes these things even more probable. The ring will be dropped into the long grass. Mosquitoes will attack. Woodland creatures will invade the buffet. The ring bearer will wander up a large hill, fall, and refuse to walk down the aisle. You get the picture.

The moral of the story? There are thousands of successful, beautiful outdoor weddings every year and there’s a good chance that yours will be one of them. But, if it’s not, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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