Kosher Buffet or Kosher Sit Down Dinner

Toronto Kosher Brunch
Toronto Kosher Brunch

Buffet or Sit Down Wedding Reception

The style in which you want the food served is a question that will come up while you are hunting for a wedding caterer. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits and downsides of the two classic serving styles- buffet and sit-down.


Buffets are perfect if you want the food to be served in a casual and laid-back setting. They also tend to be less expensive when compared to a formal sit-down meal. There is lesser wastage of food in buffets as the guests only put what they want to eat on the plate, while they also get a chance to indulge in the foods that they enjoy, as opposed to a sit-down meal where they are served predefined portions in each course. So if you have vegans or diet-conscious guests on your list, a buffet spread should be much easier to handle. Another advantage of a buffet spread is that guests get to mingle with each other while getting their food, and what could be better than good food and socializing in wedding receptions?

The downside of buffet wedding receptions is that it may be a little inconvenient for the guests if they have to wait in queues before they get their food. Many wedding planners today, offer a semi-buffet service wherein the first course is served by the waiters, after which the guests can indulge in the buffet spread. This usually goes smoothly without long waiting lines as the guests who are served first are done with their first course by the time the guests that are served last start, so everyone does not end up crowding around the buffet stations at the same time.

Sit down meal

In sit down meal wedding receptions, the guests are seated in the dining area and are served by experienced servers. Sit down meals are more formal and more expensive, but they do have their benefits. Guests can choose what they want from the different courses, and won’t have to worry about making a mess while serving themselves as in the case of a buffet. It is also easier and more like a fine-dining experience as the food is brought to them and they do not have to wait in line to get their food.   If you have elderly people or people with mobility problems in the guest list, a sit-down meal will be easier than a buffet spread. On one hand, a sit-down meal may not offer the wedding guests as many choices as a buffet, but there is also a lesser chance in case of a sit-down meal as you have sound logistics on how many of them need to be plated and other such details. Sit down meals are also a good idea if you are expecting a large number of people and a buffet may make things inconvenient, crowded or messy. They also give you a better control over wedding receptions as you know long each course is, and can accordingly plan toasts or the duration to rent out banquet halls.

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering in Toronto   can provide both buffet and sit down kosher wedding receptions to suit your budget and your taste.

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