European Style Kosher Menu

Our European kosher menu includes traditional foods from the Old Country. We updated it to feature shish kebobs, hors d’oeuvres, plenty of cold appetizers and a couple of hot ones, and delicious desserts that are quickly becoming a Mitzuyan Kosher Catering calling card!

Greet Your Guests with Hors D’Oeuvres Tray Service

Dim Sum presented on spoons

Your celebration begins with trays of hors d’oeuvres our professional service staff circulate among your guests. For this menu, we suggest you pick six, which is enough to provide six pieces per guest. You can make them all hot, all cold, or a mix depending on your preferences. Here’s a sample of what we offer:

  • Dim sum chicken dumplings served on porcelain spoons
  • Tandoori salmon satays
  • Oven cured tomatoes with carmelized onions in puff pastry
  • Plaintain chips with chicken salad and mango salsa

This may not be what you’d expect from a kosher caterer, but it’s all strictly kosher, with a mashgeach on site to supervise preparation.

We do have a lengthy list, so feel free to contact us by using the form to the left and we’ll be happy to send you a current list.

Food, Glorious Kosher Food!

When it’s time to be seated, your guests will be invited to tables decked out with elegant linens, place settings, flatware, and glassware.

Right away, they will want to sample from the special artisan bread basket on each table. Each table will also have ten cold appetizers and two hot ones to share, as well as salad.

wedding reception kosher cuisine
Kebobs are a wonderful way to present fresh, healthy kosher meals

The entrées for this menu take classic kosher European and Russian foods and present them in a different way, as  charcoal-grilled shish kebob platters of salmon, beef, and chicken kebobs. (We remove the salmon platters before serving any meat). A lamb kebob is also available for an extra charge of $10 per person. All kebob platters are served with basmati rice, seasonal vegetables, and potatoes.

Everything we serve tastes incredibly fresh because it is! We prepare food onsite in our COR*-certified mobile kitchens. All the food that comes through our main kitchen (also COR-certified) is purchased from approved kosher food vendors and purveyors. You just can’t get it any fresher than this!

Elegantly Presented, Delicious Desserts

Admit it, you look forward to dessert. Once you lay eyes on ours, you’ll be even more eager. Once you sample them, you’ll be very…happy. And possibly looking for more.

We serve these classic European desserts :

  • Crème brûlé with apple cranberry crumble tart served with butterscotch sauce
  • Molten chocolate cake with a mulled wine-poached pear topped with dark chocolate sauce
  • A trio of coconut flan, chocolate macaroon, and chocolate mousse

Late Night Sweet Table

You just can’t send people home after dessert. So while you’re dancing, or singing, or otherwise entertaining your guests, we’ll be preparing a sweet table as a kind of last call before your guests begin to filter out. They’ll enjoy fresh seasonal fruit, petit fours, cake pops, and miniature dessert shooters.

For extra relish, we also feature the sweet station of your choice: chocolate fondue and funnel cake or Belgian waffles.

Additional Charges

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