Challah To Make You Hollah!

Most of the year, Shabbat is a quiet event. But now summer is fast approaching, many of us want to liven it up a bit. Without working at it, of course!

Challah, of course, is at the center of Shabbat foods. I wrote about the history of challah several months ago, and a short time later, about kosher Mexican food, one of our catering specialties. Just this week, I discovered the ultimate partnership between challah and Mexican cuisine: chimichurri challah, guaranteed to make ya hollah!

Why Not Add Jalapeños to the Challah?

Of course I thought of that. The problem is a lot of Jews can’t handle jalapeños. I’m sure you’ve noticed this. Many of us love spicy food and thoroughly enjoy it, but we pay the price later!

Chimichurri, though, is a well-loved seasoning among fans of Mexican cuisine. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be welcomed into the challah family.





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