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Planning weddings can be quite tedious with emotions and budgets running equally high. We’ll leave the bit about choosing the wedding band and whether or not picking pink flowers with pink bridesmaid dress is a bad idea up to you. Let’s talk about the real wedding planning tips that you do not hear about that often.

Keep checklists and paper trail

No one tells you this, and as boring as it sounds, there’s a lot of documentation that goes behind successful weddings. You want to start maintaining a calendar that documents your wedding planning schedule from the start, whether it is reserving the wedding venue or calling the caterers. It’s a no-brainer that you will want to keep the few weeks before the wedding completely free, and you’ll be surprised by how many things get pushed to the last minute even with good planning. While you are on it, make sure you have a paper trail (email works too) of all your contracts with vendors. In case you make any changes to the plans, make sure you get a written confirmation from them on the same.

Prioritize and budget

Planning the budget for your wedding certainly takes time. You will have to sit and jot down a budget range for everything- the wedding gown, flowers, wedding planner, wedding band, banquet halls and so on. Of course, trimming the size of your guest list is not always the answer to trimming your budget. You could instead try and add a priority number next to each of these expenses, so you know what you can afford to skimp on and otherwise.

While narrowing down on a figure for your wedding budget, make some allowance for last-minute changes and mistakes. Say you decided to change the venue of your wedding and decided to move indoors due to the unpredictable weather, and you just realized that you will not be refunded on the deposit that you made. Yes, it is moments like these that are bridezillas in the making. To avoid things escalate that far, you may want to reserve some of your budget for a rainy day. This way, you know your budget has a safety net in case there are any goof-ups.

Don’t D.I.Y

And we are not just talking about wedding favors here. For starters, make sure that you and your soon-to-be-spouse are both involved in the process. Sit down and discuss who handles what- you could choose the flowers, he could handle the invitations, you could look for a caterer together, as you please. Also, you may want to explain every little aspect of the wedding to a trusted, and more importantly patient accomplice, so things go as planned. No doubt, most brides do this as the wedding draws closer, but you may want to do this from the start, so they know where things stand and know what should be done in case a crisis comes knocking. As far as the wedding favors go, personalized ones can be a great idea.

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