Tips for Hiring a Photographer for a kosher wedding in Toronto

Full service kosher catering in TorontoHiring the right photographer can make sure that you can remember your big day by something more than the hazy memories you have of it. Here is how you do it. It becomes tricky and confusing to hire a photographer who has experience in doing a kosher wedding in Toronto. There are many religious and  Jewish cultural traditions that the photographer should be familiar with. There are many restrictions involved in a kosher wedding.


As you may have already guessed, the first step is to research. You and your partner can decide what type of a wedding photographer you want whether it is someone who captures orchestrated shots, candid pictures or a mix of both. Once you have narrowed down on the type of photographer you want for your wedding, you can start looking for theme-specific photographers. Chances are the venue managers may already offer a couple of suggestions to you, but you want to look beyond that and preferably at references from friends or family who has recently been to wedding receptions.

Aesthetics and style

Once you have a list of a selected few photographers, the next step is to narrow down to one. Of course, this is where you have a look at their portfolio to see if their style of work matches with what you are looking for. While you are on it, make sure that you have a look at photography portfolios of individual weddings from start to finish, as opposed to just a mish-mash of shots from different weddings. This way you will know if the finished product is on the same lines as what you want. It certainly helps if the photographer has had prior experience shooting weddings in similar settings as yours.

Photography package

Wedding photographers offer various packages these days. Couples can choose from all-you-can-choose a la carte packages to preset packages that have video, print and albums, as they desire. You want to make sure that you clarify all the details of the service package, whether it is about the number or hours the photographer offers coverage or the format in which you will receive the pictures. Also, you may want to ask the photographer if there will be another photographer working alongside, which may be necessary in the case of a larger wedding party.

Pre-planned shots or otherwise

How often have you had a look at a lovely wedding picture, and told yourself that you would want a shot like that on your wedding day? Sounds familiar? Well, it is certainly common, as many couples like to go with ‘shot lists’ on their wedding day. As the name suggests, it is a list of shots that they have seen shot at other weddings, want to have taken on their big day. So if you are one of those couples who have their shot lists drawn out, then you want to make sure that your photographer is used to working with the same. Not all photographers work with pre-planned orchestrated wedding shots, so make sure you clarify the same.

Test run

Of course, if you are still a little weary and not sure if you have chosen the right photographer, you can probably try a pre-wedding shoot to see if their photos match up to your expectations. This way the photographer know what angles and poses to work with on the wedding day, since you’ve already done a test run.

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