Summertime Shabbat
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Summertime Shabbat

A summertime Shabbat is often a less formal affair, even for those who are pretty informal to begin with. For one thing, Shabbat starts late; here in Toronto sundown is around 9 pm in July and we’re in the southern part of Canada. By 9 pm, everyone’s just about relaxed anyway as work ended a for most people a…

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When Passover Falls on Shabbat

Passover starts on Shabbat this year, which among other things, means missing challah but that would have happened anyway at some point during the week. This is a fairly rare event, although it happened a few years ago in 2012. Because it’s a special Passover, consider catering your Seder with traditional and nontraditional kosher for…

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The Story of Challah

  Does any bread taste better than challah? Probably not! Challah, that twisted, doughy staple of Shabbat is a huge favorite in our community. Our kosher catering business makes challah for bar/bat mitzvahs and Oneg Shabbat at temples and venues throughout the Toronto area. We can make it the traditional way or with adjustments for…