Shavuot, the Kosher Feast of Weeks

Saturday evening marks the start of the two-day holiday of Shavuot, the “Feast of Weeks” that marks 50 days since the start of Passover and commemorates Moses’ delivering the Ten Commandments … Read More

Take Me Out to a Kosher Ball Game!

It’s still cold here in Toronto but at least the temperatures have stayed well above freezing. And if the forecast can be trusted, we may even hit the 50s next … Read More

Passover Catering Lets You Try a Different Flavor

Many  Jews in North America are Ashkenazic, descended from the Jews of Eastern Europe, France, and Germany. Notably absent from this European theater are the Sephardic Jews, who come from … Read More

This Year, Cater the Passover Seder!

Passover is probably my favorite Jewish holiday. It has everything I love: guests who I want in my home (!), great food, and of course good wine. But even I … Read More

Bar Mitzvah Catering Delivered at Boulevard Room

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering delivered a modern kosher menu for a Bat Mitzvah held in The Boulevard Room in Vaughn, ON, near Toronto.