Catering Mashgichim Keep Us on the Kosher Path
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Catering Mashgichim Keep Us on the Kosher Path

If our Executive Chef is the heart of our kosher catering business, the mashgichim who work with us are certainly the soul. A mashgiach is a person trained and certified by a kashruth (kosher law) agency to supervise a kosher establishment like Mitzuyan Kosher Catering. While mashgichim are often rabbis, this is not a requirement….

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Make Your Own Kosher Marinade

Marinades are a wonderful way to add flavor a main course. Kosher marinades are easy to make at home, using spices and approved ingredients. Marinades tenderize meats, make them juicier, and decrease cooking time. They can also prevent HCAs (heterocyclic amines) chemicals from forming when cooking meat. HCAs cause cancer in animals and possibly in humans, too,…