It’s Spring: Enjoy a Refreshing Kosher Drink

I hope everyone had a nice Shavuot and Victoria Day weekend! If any major city in North American has earned a place in the springtime sun, it’s got to be … Read More

Shavuot, the Kosher Feast of Weeks

Saturday evening marks the start of the two-day holiday of Shavuot, the “Feast of Weeks” that marks 50 days since the start of Passover and commemorates Moses’ delivering the Ten Commandments … Read More

Kosher Mexican Food

Mexican food is a popular kosher catering request at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering.

Time for a Kosher Picnic

The weather is starting to warm up in Toronto! Are you thinking picnic yet?

The Story of Challah

  Does any bread taste better than challah? Probably not! Challah, that twisted, doughy staple of Shabbat is a huge favorite in our community. Our kosher catering business makes challah … Read More

Erin Go Bragh with Kosher Corned Beef

Have you ever noticed that Jews and Irish both consider corned beef their special cuisine? With the Irish national holiday coming up, I wondered: who created this dish? How is … Read More

Passover Traditions from Around the World

Passover is a pretty amazing holiday. As we celebrate it well into a sixth millennia, it’s remarkable how little the main event has changed over time and throughout the world. … Read More

Passover Catering Lets You Try a Different Flavor

Many  Jews in North America are Ashkenazic, descended from the Jews of Eastern Europe, France, and Germany. Notably absent from this European theater are the Sephardic Jews, who come from … Read More