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Toronto Kosher Caterers for Hannukah

Toronto kosher caterers are getting ready for Chanukah with traditional potato latkes, jelly filled donuts and greasy foods drenched in oil and fried to a crisp. It is time to spare the oil and enjoy more healthier versions. Mitzuyan is … Read More

Toronto Kosher Cuisine

Mitzuyan offers kosher wedding catering to all venues in Toronto, regardless of size. We’ll create a custom menu to wow! your guest. We’ve catered hundreds of weddings and understand that there is no room for error, everything must go perfectly … Read More

Toronto kosher catering smoothies
Kosher Catering offers Smoothies

Our in-house kosher catering chefs love a ” pick me up” smoothie for afternoon snacks. The smoothies seem to revitalize them and give them a boost of energy. Working in a kosher kitchen is stressful and trying to satisfy our … Read More

Bar mitzvahs in Toronto
Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs in Toronto

Bar m Bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs are becoming more informal and interactive. Traditional sit down dinners are no longer mainstream. Mitzuyan Kosher Catering has designed a variety of interactive food stations to meet this rising demand. Our interactive stations … Read More

Passover by Toronto kosher caterer
Passover 2019

Passover 2019 is fast approaching. Are you getting ready? All kosher catering in Toronto becomes obsessed with Passover kitchen preparation. It is a very labour-intensive time and our employees begin to feel the pressure, but never give up. We at … Read More

Passover Menu

Passover Menu Call 416-419-5260 or email your order tonorman@mitzuyankoshercaterer.com Asian Mains Available Only for the Passover Dinner, April 22, 2022 Cashew Chicken Serves 4 to 5, depending on portion size $75.00 Sweet and Sour Chicken Serves 4 to 5, depending … Read More

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Kosher Food by Mitzuyan

Kosher food for Superbowl fans. At Super Bowl time our kosher catering team begins preparing for Kosher Bowl. Our version of the great game that is about to take place between two competing football champions. Our field is the kitchen … Read More

Kosher Catering Toronto
Modern Toronto Kosher Caterer

Mitzuyan is a Toronto kosher caterer that tries to provide its clients with innovative and trend setting kosher catering foods. Mitzuyan gives each one of their chefs the opportunity to travel around the world and discover new recipe ideas for … Read More

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2019 Toronto Kosher Catering Services

We have had a very successful year providing Toronto kosher catering services in 2018. We have prepared kosher food for weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, anniversaries, private house parties and corporate lunches and meetings. We look forward to 2019. We … Read More

Kosher Brunch
Daytime Kosher Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah

  Mitzuyan is a Toronto kosher catering company providing kosher catering services to daytime simchas at affordable prices. A daytime barmitzvah or batmizvah does not limit the choices you have with respect to entertainment, décor, activities, catering and venue selection. Your … Read More

East Indian Kosher Catering
Kosher East Indian Catering

We had the pleasure of hosting a kosher East Indian wedding. The culture and traditions were maintained within the parameters of kosher rules. The East Indian kosher catering food tasted delicious. The aroma from the spices used in the cooking … Read More

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