The Post-Pesach Binge

You have been good for eight days during Passover. It is now time to binge. Every family has their own tradition for celebrating the end of Passover, the first taste of chametz. It can be the non-traditional way of just … Read More

Simcha Catering

Do you need simcha catering for an upcoming event? We will create an attractive and delicious kosher menu for any occasion you plan to host in Toronto. What’s a Simcha? And Does It Need Catering? A simcha is a joyous event. … Read More


Reviews Mitzuyan Kosher Catering ‘Blew Our Minds!’ We were amazed that kosher catering could be so wonderful. Mitzuyan Kosher Catering blew our minds. The food was delicious. We had East Indian kosher food, kosher sushi that actually tasted like it should, … Read More

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Weekday Simcha Special

  We offer a promotional simcha special packages for events held between Monday and Thursday for our first-time customers. Weekday Simcha Kosher Catering During 2015, we are offering a simcha special packages for weekday events at $69.00 per person. Like all our … Read More

Toronto Venues

We are pleased to be the exclusive and preferred caterer for several Toronto venues. Appointed as the Synagogue Caterer at: We aren’t limited to these sites. We have prepared  and served our kosher food in many Toronto-area hotels, museums, art galleries, golf … Read More

Bat and Bar Mitzvah Catering

On This Special Day, Your Guests are Our Focus! We know that the secret of an unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah lies in the fusion of delicious food, presentation, and quality service. On this special day, your family and your guests are … Read More

Kosher Catering for Weddings

Boutique Kosher Catering We only do one wedding per day and our primary focus is on your wedding. Our kosher menus are designed to compliment your style and needs without compromising on taste or visual presentation. We are the caterer … Read More

Yom Kipur and Rosh Hashana Food Recipes

I read a great article in The Daytona Beach Journal, Oct 5, 2011, by  Denise Otoole Kelly. FoodEditor, titled—-  Morning foods ease the empty stomachs of Yom Kipur observors. The recipes for her foods are as follows: Smoked Whitefish Hash … Read More

Kosher Henna at the Banquet Hall

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering prepared an amazing kosher henna for 200 people. The festivities ended late into the night and a good time was had by all who attended. It was a traditional Moroccan celebration.

How to Reduce Venue Costs

Tips to Reducing Your Banquet Hall Food Cost 1. Bring your own bar. 2. Have a luncheon instead of a 5 course dinner reception 3. Plan to have your venue during the week. 4. If you choose a dinner menu, … Read More

East Indian Kosher Food

Mitzuyan kosher catering presents an East Indian kosher food event. The menu was as follows: INDIAN MENUS MENU CHOICES (Meat&Vegetarian) Buffet –  or can be served family style Dal Panchrattan Vegetable Jafrezi Lamb Rara Butter Chicken Baigan Arbi Chana Pindi … Read More

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