Planning a Kosher Dinner Party?

Grilled Rack of Lamb with Vegetables Sauce 5 Essentials to Make Your Kosher Dinner Party a Success

Dinner parties are a great way to get out of those boring ruts we all find ourselves in. They force us to get in touch with friends, clean our homes, and give us something to look forward to during the week. And while some people dread the work that it takes to organize and prepare for a great dinner party, those who enjoy hosting these events know that it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Actually, sometimes the more simple and casual the evening, the more fun everyone has!

Here are five dinner party essentials to ensure that you and your guests have a great evening:

Be Smart With Your Guest List. Too many people and you and your guests are stressed out. Not enough people and your dinner party runs the risk of being awkward. It’s also important to think about who you are inviting, making sure people will have things to talk about or will enjoy being around each other. Just because you’re having a dinner party doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to invite everyone you know. Chances are, your work friends aren’t necessarily going to hit it off with your neighbors and your best friends from high school.

Prepare A Meal You Know. A dinner party isn’t the time to try something brand new. Stick with what you know – a tried and true meal that you are confident about making will help to keep your stress levels low and will increase the chances that your guests will love it too. And, if what you know is take-out pizza, don’t be afraid to do that either!

Prep Your Food As Much As Possible Before Guests Arrive. There’s nothing worse than going to a dinner party and having the hosts busy in the kitchen the whole evening. Not only does this make it hard to visit, it will make your guests feel like they need to help, clean, etc. Get as much cooked and cleaned before your guests come so that you can enjoy the party as much as they do!

Have Drinks Ready To Go. Want to know a sure-fire way to make sure your guests have a good evening? Put a drink in their hand the moment they walk through your door. Whether it’s cocktails, wine, beer, or lemonade, having drinks ready (and not making your guests wait or serve themselves) will put everyone at ease.

Use Lighting To Your Advantage. Little things like hanging lights, lighting candles, or dimming overhead lights can help to make your party feel like a party. Bonus? Dimmer lighting hides some of those dirty spots in your house.

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