Modern Toronto Kosher Caterer

Kosher Catering TorontoMitzuyan is a Toronto kosher caterer that tries to provide its clients with innovative and trend setting kosher catering foods. Mitzuyan gives each one of their chefs the opportunity to travel around the world and discover new recipe ideas for their kosher menus. One of their chefs took a 3-month sabbatical to explore the far East. He became captivated with the aromas and flavours that he experienced in those countries and is attempting to make these food recipes kosher.

Many of the foods contain non-kosher ingredients. How does one make a non-kosher food recipe kosher and still maintain the same taste? Our chef began to experiment with kosher ingredient substitutions. After numerous failures, he was able to create kosher foods that mimic the far East foods which he experienced and make them kosher.

Thailand has foods which incorporate hot, salty and sweet at the same time. The problem with preparing kosher Thai food is to replicate the flavours of non-kosher Thai foods with kosher ingredients. The main problem with Thai food is the use of fish sauce. Our catering team devised a plan to circumvent this problem. Our chef was successful and has created several new Thai kosher food recipes. The traditional pad Thai, Thai green papaya salad and lime coconut chicken skewers are some of the options being offered.

Our kosher catering cuisine is not confined to traditional kosher foods. We can transform dishes from various cultures into kosher foods. Our clients appreciate our flexibility in attempting to incorporate their traditional foods into foods which abide with kosher rules and regulations.

We recently hosted a kosher bar mitzvah at a private home and designed kosher Hawaiian foods to complement the island theme. It was a luncheon presented around a large outdoor swimming meal. The family was very grateful.

The art of kosher food is changing and our catering team is embracing the challenge.

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