Kosher Ready Made Meals During Covid 19

Kosher Catering for Stay at Home MealsAs a community living through a challenging time, even the simple act of holding onto the traditions of kashrut grows more difficult. At Mitzuyan Kosher Catering, we want to ease that strain by offering kosher ready-made meals for delivery. Our goal is to give relief to the stress on time, energy and resources being experienced, without any sacrifice to taste, religious guidelines, or personal safety. Made fresh by our chef in a kosher certified kitchen, our individually packaged meals arrive through contactless delivery. We also offer family box meals, and Shabbat dinner boxes. For those looking to stock up for a week or more, our variety of dining options are easy to refrigerate or freeze.

Our menu offers full entrees that range from chicken roulade to stuffed peppers, with soups as an add on. The talented staff of our kosher kitchen are ready to put the same level of dedicated care and expertise used in creating meals for larger events into your own personal needs.

When experiences demand changes to our very way of life, it becomes that much more important to find ways to hold onto the sacred practices that give that life meaning. As a kosher caterer, we view providing expertly prepared dining options that stay true to the principles of kashrut as doing our part within the Jewish community.

Orders are delivered Tuesday and Friday free of charge within these boundaries: Dufferin (EAST), Bayview (WEST), Sheppard (SOUTH), Rutherford(NORTH)

Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance. Order on Sunday for Tuesday delivery. Order on Wednesday for Friday delivery.

Deliveries will be dropped off on your doorstep or with doorman if an apartment building or other client designated area. All food must be taken and refrigerated as soon as driver texts that your food has been delivered.

Check our our stay at home kosher meal delivery program at

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