Kosher Catering

kosher cateringKosher Catering for a Russian birthday party.

The three most important elements of a Russian party are food, alcohol and entertainment. The food is an extravagant display of mouth watering delicacies. The food must be visually appealing to the eye and at the same time taste delicious. The food must maintain the traditional smell and taste which is inherent to the region from which the host comes from.

Kosher Russian food is complex. It must maintain cultural traditions and at the same time obey the rules of kosher catering. Mitzuyan kosher catering is fortunate because one of their head chefs was trained in Russia as a chef. He is familiar with kosher regulations and can transform traditional Russian cuisine to kosher Russian cuisine.

Sample Russian Kosher Catering Menu

Salads are placed on each table with an artisan bread basket selection. The salads included: vegetarian sushi platter, smoked salmon platter with lemon and capers, grilled red pepper and zucchini, avocado salad, marinated cucumber salad, relish tray consisting of pickles, olives and hot peppers, babaghanoush done Bukharin style, quinoa salad, Waldorf salad, tossed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Two hot appetizers included: Parisienne dill potatoes with grilled salmon shish kebab, butternut squash soup and samosa.

The main course was served family style. It included platters of grilled beef kebab, grilled lamb kebab, grilled chicken kebab. Platter of rice, vegetables and potatoes.

Dessert consisted of creme Brule with fruit garnish and apple crumble tart with caramel drizzle and garnish.

To end the evening a sweet table was designed. It featured: sliced fruit display, pastries, dessert shooters, Belgium waffles.

Kosher catering requires a chef who can create magnificent cuisine within the constraints of kosher regulations. Our in house catering team is fully cognizant of all the kosher rules and can transform any type of international food to adhere to kosher standards.

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