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Engagement Party

How to Throw an Incredible Engagement Party: 3 Ways to Make the Day Special An engagement party is a special way to celebrate the Mr. and Mrs. to-be. The perfect engagement party happens soon after the engagement (no one wants … Read More

5 Dangers of Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Nature, on your outdoor wedding day, can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. While there are many temptations to getting married outdoors, the results unfortunately are not always as picturesque as Disney princesses frolicking in the woods … Read More

Bridal Shower Tips and Considerations

Aside from the actual wedding day, the bridal shower is one of the most important, most looked forward to events for any bride, her family, and her friends. The bridal shower sets the tone for wedding, brings friends (old and … Read More

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tips to Consider

  So many brides are now leaning towards a beautiful outdoor wedding that encompasses their event vision. Oh the thrill of celebrating outside, the bright blue skies, the natural décor, the romantic breezes and all the works. At least, that’s … Read More

Traditional Jewish Weddings

Traditional Jewish weddings have many elements to them. We served at an amazing kosher wedding on Monday. Before the wedding ceremony, we had the kabbalat panim for the bride. The bride sat on a throne like chair surrounded by her … Read More

How to Plan Your Wedding

Tips for Toronto Kosher Weddings Planning weddings can be quite tedious with emotions and budgets running equally high. We’ll leave the bit about choosing the wedding band and whether or not picking pink flowers with pink bridesmaid dress is a … Read More

Kosher Russian Weddings in Toronto

Mitzuyan has developed an expertise in kosher cuisine. Our executive chef leads a team of international chefs who can create authentic Russian food done accordance with  kosher regulations supervised by COR. Our latest kosher menu creation for a Russian wedding … Read More

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