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Kosher Catering Three in a Row

We had the distinct pleasure of providing kosher catering cuisine for three kosher events in a row. Our catering team was able to accomplish this without obtaining outside agency help. Our kitchen staff has been with us for more than … Read More

European Style Kosher Menu

Our European kosher menu includes traditional foods from the Old Country. We updated it to feature shish kebobs, hors d’oeuvres, plenty of cold appetizers and a couple of hot ones, and delicious desserts that are quickly becoming a Mitzuyan Kosher Catering calling card! … Read More

Kosher Lamb

Go Ahead and Eat a Little Lamb   Lately I’ve been writing about healthy eating and although I did go on about chicken soup, it seems to me I may have skewered vegetarian. (Not that there’s anything wrong about that!) … Read More

Is That a Kosher Fish?

Kosher Catering Toronto Talks about Fish   Jews who keep the kashrut rules know when to inquire about the food offered from unfamiliar sources. Sometimes it’s obvious, while other times a little investigating might be necessary. These days, with farmed … Read More

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