Kosher Catering Three in a Row

We had the distinct pleasure of providing kosher catering cuisine for three kosher events in a row. Our catering team was able to accomplish this without obtaining outside agency help. … Read More

Traditional Jewish Weddings

Traditional Jewish weddings have many elements to them. We had an amazing kosher wedding at The Avenue Banquet Hall on Monday. Before the wedding ceremony, we had the kabbalat panim … Read More

Kosher Caterer Listens to Client Requests

Sea Bass with a Flair Our bride came to us with an unusual request. She wanted to know if we could follow a sea bass recipe which her fiancé likes … Read More

Kosher Buffet or Kosher Sit Down Dinner

Buffet or Sit Down Wedding Reception The style in which you want the food served is a question that will come up while you are hunting for a wedding caterer. … Read More

Tips When Planning Evergreen Weddings

  Evergreen weddings are among the most popular weddings nowadays. You may have made a decision to plan an evergreen wedding. In such a case you should take your time … Read More

Tips When Buying Bridesmaids Dresses

  During your wedding your bridesmaids are there to assist you  in different ways. The bridesmaids should wear dresses which will make them feel comfortable while in your wedding ceremony. It … Read More

European Style Kosher Menu

Our European kosher menu includes traditional foods from the Old Country. We updated it to feature shish kebobs, hors d’oeuvres, plenty of cold appetizers and a couple of hot ones, and … Read More

Catered Classic Kosher Menu

  What makes something classic? High-quality and long-lasting come to mind. The same applies to classic ko sher foods. And while we are extremely proud of our far-reaching menus, we … Read More

Recommendation for Chocolate Babka by Kosher Catering Toronto

Ever since the Jerry Sienfeld episode on television, I discovered chocolate babka. I never had it before, so I went and bought one. It was the beginning of a beautiful … Read More

Challah To Make You Hollah!

Most of the year, Shabbat is a quiet event. But now summer is fast approaching, many of us want to liven it up a bit. Without working at it, of … Read More

Spend Those Spocks on Meatless Kosher Curry

Get those Spock fivers into circulation and buy curries to spice up kosher dishes.

Kosher Lamb

Go Ahead and Eat a Little Lamb   Lately I’ve been writing about healthy eating and although I did go on about chicken soup, it seems to me I may … Read More

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