Kosher Catering Team Prepares Comfort Food

Our kosher catering team prepares kosher meals which we provide to less fortunate people through out the year. Kosher comfort food is a good staple because it provides both nutrition … Read More

Kosher Caterer Listens to Client Requests

Sea Bass with a Flair Our bride came to us with an unusual request. She wanted to know if we could follow a sea bass recipe which her fiancé likes … Read More

Transforming Poutine to Kosher by Kosher Catering Toronto

Transformation of non kosher poutine to kosher by Mitzuyan a kosher catering Toronto service company. Canada is famous for Tim Hortons and poutine. Poutine is the most basic and decadent … Read More

Old Style Kosher Food Recipes Still Prevail

Purim is fast approaching and what is more traditional kosher food than the homontashen.  A sweet staple which has lasted for many years. New cooks or celebrity chefs can not … Read More

Summertime Shabbat

A summertime Shabbat is often a less formal affair, even for those who are pretty informal to begin with. For one thing, Shabbat starts late; here in Toronto sundown is around 9 pm in … Read More

Celebrate Canada Day Kosher-Style!

Happy Canada Day everyone! If you’re entertaining friends, or are a guest asked to bring something to nosh on, we’ve have ideas for food you can share whilst keeping everything kosher … Read More

Creative Kosher Thinking

Modern Jewish life sometimes requires creative kosher thinking.

It’s Spring: Enjoy a Refreshing Kosher Drink

I hope everyone had a nice Shavuot and Victoria Day weekend! If any major city in North American has earned a place in the springtime sun, it’s got to be … Read More

Shavuot, the Kosher Feast of Weeks

Saturday evening marks the start of the two-day holiday of Shavuot, the “Feast of Weeks” that marks 50 days since the start of Passover and commemorates Moses’ delivering the Ten Commandments … Read More

Kosher Mexican Food

Mexican food is a popular kosher catering request at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering.

Time for a Kosher Picnic

The weather is starting to warm up in Toronto! Are you thinking picnic yet?

Dipping Food All Year ‘Round

  One of the Four Questions we ask at Passover is about dipping food. On all other nights, the question goes, we don’t dip once. Tonight, we dip twice. Not … Read More

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