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Oh, No—That Wasn’t Kosher!

We all know, nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, often because they made a guess. But there are times when a guess should not even be entertained. Guessing on what’s kosher is one of them. Trying to determine if a food or meal is kosher can be tricky so the rule of thumb is: if in…

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Keeping Kids Kosher Away From Home

Keeping kosher at home is pretty easy for most families. The kids grow up used to eating in a certain way: no mixing dairy with meats and fish, using separate dishes and flatware for dairy and meat meals, and knowing how to check labels at the grocery store. For many parents, though, the big challenges…

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A Kosher GMO?

Since you’re reading a food blog, you probably are aware of the debate around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. For those who aren’t invested in the food wars, GMOs are foods that have been altered to take away undesirable traits, like spoiling too soon or not being colorful enough. It’s also being done to…

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Passover Catering Lets You Try a Different Flavor

Many  Jews in North America are Ashkenazic, descended from the Jews of Eastern Europe, France, and Germany. Notably absent from this European theater are the Sephardic Jews, who come from southern European countries, particularly Spain and Portugal. Historically, these Jews had strong cultural ties to Northern Africa and the Middle East. In fact, the word…

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This Year, Cater the Passover Seder!

Passover is probably my favorite Jewish holiday. It has everything I love: guests who I want in my home (!), great food, and of course good wine. But even I have to admit it can be stressful to put together a Passover seder. I’ve witnessed the following: Last-minute problems finding a lamb shank Not enough…

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My Kosher Valentine

I was distracted planning Passover catering (which we will blog about—watch this space!), I nearly forgot that Valentine’s Day falls on Shabbos this week. Personally, I believe Valentine’s Day should be for kids, but it’s very possible that your significant other feels otherwise. I believe in telling one’s beloved how much he or she is…


A Top Toronto Kosher Catering Service!

blogTo  named Mitzuyan Kosher Catering a top kosher catering services in Toronto. This puts us in good company, as this means we also made its Top 50 catering picks. If you don’t want to scroll down to find us, here’s their blurb on us: “This strictly kosher mobile kitchen means any beautiful venue can be matched with freshly prepared kosher food cooked on site….

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Make Your Own Kosher Marinade

Marinades are a wonderful way to add flavor a main course. Kosher marinades are easy to make at home, using spices and approved ingredients. Marinades tenderize meats, make them juicier, and decrease cooking time. They can also prevent HCAs (heterocyclic amines) chemicals from forming when cooking meat. HCAs cause cancer in animals and possibly in humans, too,…


Yes, It’s Chicken Soup and It’s Good For You!

Kosher catering Toronto take on chicken soup When you hear the phrase “kosher food,” what image comes to your mind? I’ll bet the rent that it’s chicken soup.   Chicken soup has been on my mind lately because it seems that everyone’s sick. According to the Sun, we’re experiencing a ten-year high in flu cases…


Yes, There are A Lot of Jewish Holidays

  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be both a good Jew and loyal Canadian. As I wrote in my previous post, it’s perfectly fine to observe secular and national holidays with an open heart.   So go ahead and mark your calendars for important Jewish and Canadian holidays in 2015.   Secular,…