Kosher Mexican Food

Mexican food is a popular kosher catering request at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering.

Time for a Kosher Picnic

The weather is starting to warm up in Toronto! Are you thinking picnic yet?

Cheer Up Toronto With Good Food

Here at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering, we like to keep an eye on blogTO for many reasons, not the least that they named us to their list of Best Kosher Caterers when … Read More

Kosher Milk? Don’t Bet on It.

One of my goals with this blog is to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about kosher food and perhaps nudge people to think a little more deeply about where their … Read More

Take Me Out to a Kosher Ball Game!

It’s still cold here in Toronto but at least the temperatures have stayed well above freezing. And if the forecast can be trusted, we may even hit the 50s next … Read More

When Passover Falls on Shabbat

Passover starts on Shabbat this year, which among other things, means missing challah but that would have happened anyway at some point during the week. This is a fairly rare … Read More

Where to Sell Your Chametz in Toronto

Passover is just a week away! This is probably the weekend you’ll be cleaning out your cupboards to remove chametz, which is any food or food product that contains leavened … Read More

Kosher for Kids

  One of the things that make it so much fun to be a kosher caterer in a cosmopolitan place like Toronto is that you can be so creative with … Read More

Walk Past These Passover Foods

I know you’re being really careful about what foods to remove from your home as you prepare for Passover. However, there are a lot of Passover foods approved for the … Read More

Passover Questions to Ask the Kids

Want some help over Passover? Let Mitzuyan Kosher Catering in Toronto prepare an entire Seder for you, or get meals ready for your Passover table on the nights following the … Read More

A Cold Plague is Upon Us!

Passover is less than a month away and I’m wondering if the cold will ever go away. This year’s spring has been a nightmare for many of us. Pipes, not … Read More

Oh, No—That Wasn’t Kosher!

We all know, nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, often because they made a guess. But there are times when a guess should not even be entertained. Guessing on what’s kosher … Read More

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