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Passover Catering in Toronto

Passover Catering in Toronto is now being offered. As we welcome the approach of Passover this year, we acknowledge doing so in an unconventional time. But that’s no reason not to continue to find ways to celebrate and take comfort … Read More

Kosher Catering during Covid-19

Providing kosher catering  during the covid-19 pandemic has taken a different twist. The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. We have attempted to navigate and adapt to new government regulations with safety protocol in mind. Social distancing has … Read More

Passover kosher catering in Toronto

Passover kosher catering in Toronto is starting. All kosher caterers are beginning to post their Passover menus online. All grocery stores which carry kosher products will soon change over their store shelving space to make room for kosher for Passover … Read More

Kosher Catering offers Smoothies

Our in-house kosher catering chefs love a ” pick me up” smoothie for afternoon snacks. The smoothies seem to revitalize them and give them a boost of energy. Working in a kosher kitchen is stressful and trying to satisfy our … Read More

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