Catering Mashgichim Keep Us on the Kosher Path

If our Executive Chef is the heart of our kosher catering business, the mashgichim who work with us are certainly the soul. A mashgiach is a person trained and certified … Read More

Kosher Milk? Don’t Bet on It.

One of my goals with this blog is to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about kosher food and perhaps nudge people to think a little more deeply about where their … Read More

Where to Sell Your Chametz in Toronto

Passover is just a week away! This is probably the weekend you’ll be cleaning out your cupboards to remove chametz, which is any food or food product that contains leavened … Read More

Walk Past These Passover Foods

I know you’re being really careful about what foods to remove from your home as you prepare for Passover. However, there are a lot of Passover foods approved for the … Read More

Oh, No—That Wasn’t Kosher!

We all know, nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, often because they made a guess. But there are times when a guess should not even be entertained. Guessing on what’s kosher … Read More

What is ‘Kosher for Passover’?

We’ve all seen the labels: this matzo, wine, gefilte fish, cake mix, and so on, is kosher for Passover. But what exactly does this mean? Kosher laws do become a … Read More

Keeping Kids Kosher Away From Home

Keeping kosher at home is pretty easy for most families. The kids grow up used to eating in a certain way: no mixing dairy with meats and fish, using separate … Read More

A Kosher GMO?

Since you’re reading a food blog, you probably are aware of the debate around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. For those who aren’t invested in the food wars, GMOs … Read More

About Kosher Wine
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Kosher wine is produced under Jewish dietary laws and guidelines. Read more about the process for making kosher wine and how non-Jews may do this.