Kosher Vegan Catering- Toronto

kosher cateringA kosher vegan lifestyle would reduce the price of kosher catering because high priced kosher meats such as beef and chicken would no longer be needed.

Plant based diets would also provide an affordable option for maintaining a kosher way of life.

Jewish teachings impose many onerous rules on meat consumption. It becomes difficult to understand most of them without guidance or interpretation. Life choices would be simpler.

The question as to whether following veganism would result in better health is debatable. There is no clear consensus.

Being vegan does not imply kosher. There are kosher rules which still must be maintained in preparing and serving vegan cuisine.

Many people maintain that a vegan diet is tasteless. However, if prepared correctly it can be more delicious than a meat diet.

Most restaurants in North America now include vegan options on their menu.

There are numerous kosher cook book authors and chefs who have developed kosher vegan recipes that would satisfy and amaze your taste palates.

Some of the most amazing vegan dishes which I have tasted are as follows:
Roasted beet hummus with pistachios
Butternut squash soup
Hassel back spicy roasted carrots
Korean scallion and kimchi latkes
Shitake lomein
Citrus broccoli with cashews
Curried vegetable stew
Israeli salad with avocado min
Farfalle with cauliflower
Spaghetti squash gratin
Vegetarian moussaka
Quinoa stuffed red and green peppers
Vegetarian stuffed cabbage and tomatoes
Sweet potato gnocchi with sage and walnuts

Some people go to a further extreme and are not just vegan but also gluten free. This becomes a personal life choice.

Mitzuyan kosher catering can design a complete vegan kosher menu for your Simcha. We have provided numerous vegan kosher catering services to many event venues in Toronto. One of our chefs is a certified vegan cook. Our chef will design a vegan menu that will suit your taste and budget.

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