Kosher Food by Mitzuyan

Kosher catering staffKosher food for Superbowl fans.

At Super Bowl time our kosher catering team begins preparing for Kosher Bowl. Our version of the great game that is about to take place between two competing football champions. Our field is the kitchen instead of the football field. Our game plan is our kosher recipes. Our quarter back is our executive chef. Our players are the sous chefs and line cooks. Our touchdown is a great meal that is enjoyed by everyone.

Every Toronto kosher caterer begins an advertising program listing all the specials that they are going to offer their kosher Jewish cliental. This year we have decided to stay out of this competitive game and let our catering team enjoy Super Bowl. We have rented an event venue and are bringing TV screens for the big game. Our game prep is for our event.

In past years, we have offered our clients the following foods: franks in a blanket, BBQ wings, heroes stuffed with kosher deli, chicken nuggets, deli rolls, steak fries, pizza scones, nachos with salsa and guacamole, onion petals, fried pickles, falafel sliders, brisket stuffed fried potato balls.
We did not forget our vegetarian friends.

Being a vegetarian at Super Bowl can be a bummer when everyone is devouring meat. We used to offer: bourkas with spinach and potatoes, vegetarian chili, falafel waffles, sweet potato chips, zucchini chips, potato skins stuffed with pineapple mango salsa and vegetable crudité.

2019 is the year we have reserved to pay tribute to our wonderful staff. We want them to know that they are an important part of our lives and that we appreciate their dedication and hard work. Our team has been together for more than a decade and have become part of our extended family.

People say that business is business, but there also has to be some kind of humanity when it comes to your fellow man.

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