Kosher East Indian Food in Toronto

kosher catering TorontoMitzuyan Kosher Catering Presents Kosher East Indian  Dinner


Pickled carrots with sesame dressing.
Cucumber salad with herb lemon dressing.
Red leaf salad with toasted cumin croutons.
Channa masala—chickpea cooked with various spices and garnished with tomatoes and fresh cilantro.
Madaras coconut vegetable—mixed vegetables cooked with coconut milk and curry leaves and spices.
Baigan Bharta— roasted eggplant with green peas, tomatoes and herbs, enhanced with a taste of ginger and coriander.
Chicken Curry—chicken thigh cooked with our in house curry blend mixture.
KHema—East Indian style ground beef with in house special spice blend
Rice pilau
Assorted sorbets
Ravi Labadoo

Mitzuyan’s kosher catering team has been able to transform traditional non-kosher East Indian dishes to kosher. The aromatic scents and flavours of East Indian cuisine have been maintained by combining the perfect blend of kosher ingredients to the buffet foods.

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering is a full service kosher catering Toronto company.

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