Kosher Catering 2017

kosher catering
Fried fish with potatoes and salad.

Our 2017 kosher catering season has come to an end. We had the opportunity to cater many different events. We catered traditional Simchas in synagogues and banquet halls, but also had the pleasure of providing kosher services in unusual environments. The most challenging situation was building a mobile kosher kitchen at an equestrian horse barn. There was no electricity or fresh drinkable water available. We rose to the challenge and executed a wonderful kosher event.

The most heart warming event in 2017 was a tribute dinner given to a great grandfather for his one hundredth birthday. Tears of joy filled the house. All our staff is still reminiscing about that special event.

We are looking forward to a terrific 2018. Our biggest challenge in 2018 will be to provide kosher catering to a destination wedding in Jamaica. This will be our first destination kosher catering event outside the country.

We are revamping our kosher menus with new exciting additions. We will be introducing kosher Caribbean, Thai, Philippine, South American, Vegan and Vegetarian kosher food options.

In 2107, we introduced our interactive crepe station. We purchased a commercial crepe maker from France. We flew one of our chefs to France for an in-depth training program. We now offer kosher sweet and savoury crepes.

Our in-house sushi chef prepares all our kosher sushi dishes. We do not subcontract or outsource from third party vendors. This ensures that all our sushi is served fresh on the day of your event.

We closed our kosher operation on December 17, 2107 and sent our kosher team to New York for an intensive kosher training program. They are coming back with new innovative menus. They have learned the secrets of providing upscale kosher cuisine at an affordable price.

Our mission in 2018 is to provide simply perfect kosher catering at affordable prices. We realize that the competition in the Toronto kosher catering market is intense. We want to offer excellent kosher cuisine at a reasonable price.

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