Healthy Kosher Catering

Toronto Kosher CuisineKosher catering is both an art and learned discipline. Traditional kosher catering started in the home and is now a multimillion dollar industry worldwide.

A kosher caterer must be a trained chef and must be knowledgeable on kosher food regulations. What is and what is not allowed in kosher cooking. Adhering to the rules does not insure success. A kosher caterer must be creative to satisfy the culinary palate of a new generation of Jewish adults.

Traditional fried and fat infused foods are no longer requested by young clients. The alternative is to a healthy kosher food lifestyle.
Food recipes which have been passed down from prior generations have to be altered with more healthy ingredients and cooking styles. Fat is out. This does not mean that the old ways of cooking are out. Many people still adhere to traditional kosher cooking recipes and will not change.

Kosher sushi is not every ones’ desired option. Caribbean inspired dishes are not enjoyed by people who do not like spicy foods. A vegetarian or vegan life style choice is an acquired taste and suitable for everyone. Kosher East Indian food is an acquired taste.

A good kosher caterer can take traditional kosher food recipes and infuse them with modern healthy cooking techniques.

Mizuyan kosher catering is transforming kosher menus for weddings and life event simchas. Traditional chicken and beef is offered, if requested, but they like to push the envelope and create new dishes. Their latest accomplishment was a New Orleans inspired menu. The challenge was the traditional fish and creamy sauces associated with southern cooking. As a pareve caterer, many of the ingredients could not be used and alternatives had to be substituted. Seafood had to be selectively chosen in order to comply with kosher regulations. The challenge was accomplished with success.

Mitzuyan has created a new vegetarian and vegan division. New announcements will soon follow. A healthy approach to kosher catering in Toronto is coming.

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