Kosher Mexican Food Menus

Kosher Mexican Food by Toronto Kosher CatererKosher Mexican food menus challenge a chef’s culinary expertise. It requires adaptation and innovation to traditional Mexican food creations which normally combine meat and cheese. Recipes have to be revised to comply with kosher food regulations and at the same time keep the zesty flavor associated with Mexican food.

The catering team at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering has attempted to create kosher dishes which do not follow traditional kosher cooking methods. They have transformed many non-kosher ethnic cuisines to kosher. A perfect example is their East Indian Kosher Food Menu.

Mexican Mashed Potatoes
Mexican mashed potatoes are a great addition to any Mexican meal you are planning. An easy to prepare recipe which only takes 35 minutes can be found at www.joyofkosher.com/recipes/mexican-mased-potatoes.

No Mexican meal is complete if salsa is not present. Use salsa with tortilla chips or as a supplement to burritos, enchiladas or any other dish. There is a wonderful basic salsa recipe by Chelsie Kenyon in about food at kosherfood.about.com/koshermexicanfood.

Homemade Tortilla Chips
The easy way is to buy kosher tortilla chips at your grocery store, but a more nutritious and delicious way is to prepare them yourself. The best recipe I have found for tortilla can be found at http://www.mexicankoshercooking.com/

Kosher Enchilada
Wikipedia defines enchiladas as rolled maize tortilla stuffed with meat and covered with a tomato and chili sauce. There are a variety of fillings that one can utilize to prepare kosher enchiladas. I have come across an amazing you tube video which outlines the essentials of a kosher enchilada recipe. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z39vkR4Hk0 for details.

A burrito is defined as a flour tortilla that is rolled around a filling. Unlike the taco, the burrito completely enclosed the filing at both ends. A nice simple kosher recipe can be found at http://www.kosherinthekitch.com/quick-easy-chicken-burritos/

Mitzuyan designs and provides non-traditional kosher food menu options to kosher catering Toronto services.

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