Tips for Hiring a Videographer

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Tips for Hiring a Videographer by a Toronto Kosher Catering Company

Your wedding is your chance to shine under the limelight, and capturing it on reel allows you to watch and cherish those moments years later. So how do you go about hiring a videographer? Here are some easy tips to help you hire one for your wedding.

What are you looking for?

The style of videography that you are looking for is a key consideration while choosing a videographer. For instance, if you want a dramatic movie-style video of your wedding, then you want to look at a cinematic videographer. On the other hand, if you want a video that captures the wedding receptions and traditions in a chronological order, then you want to look at a documentary videographer. Make sure you have a look at their previous work to see whether it is similar to what you would want to see with your wedding videography. Another key factor to look for is the editing in the video as this can completely change the vibe and feel from how it is shot. Shooting the video is just one part of it after all, it is the editing that ties it together.

Where to look?

One of the first places that you want to look for a videographer is in your recently-married friends’ circles, who have been to weddings and are likely to know videographers. They can give you good suggestions on whom to or to not approach. Doing a search online should also present you with many options, then again this may only show you the big video production companies who spend a considerable amount of money advertising, which may not shed light on the quality of work. You could also try talking to your other wedding crew operators to see if there are any good videographers that they can put you through to, considering how they work in the wedding industry day in and day out. Your wedding photographer may also be able to put you through to good leads if they have previous experience working in studios that had photography and video production.

What to ask your videographer?

Soon-to-be-married couples may have a tight schedule on their hands, but taking some time off to talk to the videographer and discuss their preferences and likes can go a long way. Talk to your videographer about what part of the ceremony matter to you the most, and that you want to be captured on the reel. No doubt, most experts know when to capture these special moments on reel from their experience shooting at many weddings, but clarifying the same will make sure that you don’t miss out on the footage that you want. You also want to talk to the videographer about the audio. Some videographers may include the original sound while others may include a different background score against the footage or even a mix of both. As far as the video production package goes, make sure you clarify details regarding the duration of coverage, the length of the video, the number of videographers, the payment and so on. Do not make a deposit upfront without getting these details on fine print.

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