Kosher Catering Toronto Reveals Hidden Venue Costs

Hidden Venue Costs

Hidden Venue CostsBefore you get too pleased with yourself on seeing how your expenses fit snugly like a glove into your wedding budget, we are sorry to burst your bubble, but unexpected expenses are not so uncommon in weddings. So here are some hidden venue-related expenses that you want to watch out for when you set your budget aside. Mitzuyan is a kosher catering Toronto company that insures that all costs are clearly addressed in your contract so that there are no surprises and you are fully aware of all the hidden venue costs.

Choice of venue

Wedding ceremonies are no longer confined to four walls these days, as soon-to-be-married couples get creative, ambitious and extravagant with their wedding plans. Then again, this also means additional expenses that you may not have anticipated as with a traditional setting for wedding ceremonies. For instance, if you are planning on destination wedding receptions, then you need to take into account the transportation expenses of the wedding crew and the wedding décor. Airfare and accommodation expenses of the wedding party are other expenses that you need to consider. Say you plan on having a wedding in an outdoor setting, then you want to factor in additional inclusions that may come into the picture. An elegant wedding-themed shelter, just in case the weather plays spoilsport or a convertible dance floor that goes up on the grass so your guests do not have fall accidents, yes, these hidden costs certainly add up.

Additional charges

There are some hidden expenses that you may not be able to estimate until the big day. For instance, say the power used by the party exceeds the capacity of the wedding venues, then the vendor may charge you an additional fee for the same. In case you decide to bring in additional coolers or heater into the venue, then that is going to cost you too. Or say, you decide to prop up another sound system or lighting on the day of the wedding, then that is going to eat into some of your wedding venue budget as well. Make sure you are prepared for it beforehand.

Party on

The agreement drawn out by your vendor mentions the hours during which the venue will be yours to use for the wedding ceremony. It is certainly not uncommon for wedding ceremonies to start late or for wedding parties to extend beyond the planned hours when newly-weds decide to party on, upon noticing how much fun everyone is having. Either way, clocking in more minutes means that you will be shelling out more money for renting out the wedding venues. Thankfully, most vendors have an extended overtime option these days. So if you do decide to extend the party after one too many drinks, make sure you have the budget to back it up. While we’re on the topic of weddings that run overtime, you should be aware that the wedding crew will be charging extra on it too. Say your wedding is extended beyond midnight, then the wedding crew may charge extra as that would count as the next day and the contract may have been drawn out for same-day services.

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