Kosher East Indian Buffet

Minimum: 50 people

Buffet Includes:

  • Vegetable Samosas
  • Aubergine Pakoras
  • Onion Bajya
  • Coriander chutney for the samosas, pakoras and bajya
  • Red leaf salad with toasted cumin croutons and mixed greens.
  • Curry Chicken
  • Curry Beef
  • Chicken Tika
  • Chana Masala
  • Madaras Coconut Vegetables: mixed vegetables cooked with coconut milk and mixed spices.
  • Baigan Bharta: roasted eggplant with green peas, tomatoes, herbs, ginger, coriander
  • Bombay Aloo
  • Dal Samba
  • Pilau Rice
  • Naan
  • Ravi Labadoo

Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are subject to 13% HST

2. Prices do not reflect: venue rental, requirement of culinary staff to set up, serve and tear down, wait staff to set up, serve and tear down, rental of kosher kitchen equipment, rental of kosher dishes, cutlery, flatware, serving pieces, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, rabbinical supervision fees, landmark fee, and delivery.