The Over The Top Kosher Menu

Our Elite kosher menu is for hearty appetites! It begins with hors d’oeuvres, followed by a sit-down meal at a lovely table where guests will choose a starter; beef and chicken, veal, or cod entrée; and dessert. Later, they can nosh on a late night sweet table. And like all our catered options, unlimited soft drinks and juices.

Satisfying “Main Event” Entrées to Savor

The Elite is not for dainty appetites. It’s for those who really love a more traditional and robust main meal, which we deliver in a most attractive and eye-catching kind of way. Your guests will choose from this list:
Prime Rib of Beef in Red Wine Reduction and Marinated Chicken Breast
12 0z “French Cut” Veal Chop
Miso Glazed Black Cod

All entrées are served with potatoes and a vegetable medley.

Backing Up: Start the Reception with Eight Hors D’Oeuvres

We won’t make your guests wait or sing for their supper. Upon their arrival, they will be greeted by our professional serving staff who will circulate with platters with eight different hors d’oeuvre platters you have already chosen. We have a pretty large menu of hot and cold items. Here are a few you probably wouldn’t expect from a kosher caterer!
Sage fritters
Pad Thai noodles served in cute little take-out boxes
Plantain chips with chicken salad and mango salsa
Phylo tartlets with leek and fennel chiffonaideThere are really too many hors d’oeuvres to list, so contact us using the form at the upper left and we’ll send the latest list to you

Bread, Dips, and Starters
We could say that we provide two first courses, if you count the artisan bread baskets at each table and the three amazing mezze (Middle Eastern) dips that await your guests when they arrive at their tables.

Guests will choose one of our three “official” starters, which include two salads and teriyaki glazed salmon. This sounds just fine until you read the details that take them above and beyond the usual kosher fare:

The mixed green salad includes wild mushrooms and is served with honey tarragon dressing and paired with Yukon Gold potato and leek soup.
The baby arugula and mixed green salad comes with maple butternut squash soup with roasted pear.
The teriyaki is served on a bed of angel hair pasta with Asian dressing.

Once the starters are cleared away, and maybe more bread and dips served, it’s time for the main event described above.

Truly Elite Kosher Desserts and Sweets
We think our desserts are the crowning glory to a wonderful day. The Elite dessert menu features a choice from:

Classic crème brûlée and apple cranberry crumble tart with butterscotch sauce
Molten chocolate cake with mulled wine and poached pear with dark chocolate sauce
Trio of coconut flan, chocolate macaroon, and chocolate mousse

And for those who love a party, a late night sweet table will be provided where they can enjoy a chocolate fondue or funnel cake station (you choose) or finish the night with seasonal fruit, petite fours, cake pops, and mini dessert shooters.

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