Passover kosher catering in Toronto

Passover kosher catering in TorontoPassover by Toronto kosher caterer is starting. All kosher caterers are beginning to post their Passover menus online. All grocery stores which carry kosher products will soon change over their store shelving space to make room for kosher for Passover products.

Passover can be a hectic time for working mothers and fathers. They must plan the seders and begin to think of Passover recipes that they want to try. They must also make time to shop for all their Passover needs. It may be easier to have your Passover seders catered.

Does catering your Passover seder have to be expensive? Are there any reasonably priced Passover caterers? Mitzuyan Kosher Catering is offering a discount on all orders placed before March 10,2020. Call now 416-419-5260 or email to find out about their promotion and to place your order.
Let Mitzuyan take care of all your Passover requirements.

Are there any kosher for Passover vegan options? Mitzuyan Kosher Catering has created vegan Passover options in addition to the traditional dishes offered at Passover. Some of the vegan for Passover items are:
Vegan / Vegetarian Entrée
Red and yellow peppers stuffed with vegetable ratatouille $14 .95
Grilled eggplant with vegetable ratatouille $15.95 simmered in a Tuscan sauce
Portobello mushroom caps topped with $13.95 Sicilian style caponata
Smokey ratatouille casserole over garlic mash potatoes. $65.95 /pan 9×12” pan serves 8 to 10
Vegan Potato kugel $32.00 /pan 9×12” pan serves 10 to 12
Vegan vegetable kugel $35.00 /pan 9×12” pan serves 10 to 12
Vegan meatballs in tomato sauce $17.00 /pound
Mock chopped liver $15.00 / pound

Mitzuyan will also do custom orders for Passover.

Passover does not have to be hectic. Let Mitzuyan Kosher Catering do it all for you.

Do not delay in placing your Passover order. There is a March 15, 2020 deadline for accepting orders.
See the Passover menu at

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