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Cheer Up Toronto With Good Food

Here at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering, we like to keep an eye on blogTO for many reasons, not the least that they named us to their list of Best Kosher Caterers when they were looking for places that create very good food. That made us very, very happy.

So we were sad, very sad, to read in our favorite city blog that T-town is the second most unhappy city in Canada, topped only by Vancouver. What gives?

Blame the Poll!

To be honest, I take a long view of polls. They don’t notice what’s relative. We aren’t doing too badly compared to the supposedly insanely happy Saguenay, Quebec. We measure 7.85 on the happy meter, compared to their 8.31.

The poll was also taken from 2009 to 2013, when a lot of people were worried about the economy. Frankly it was a lot worse for the Yanks. I have to wonder if the results would be different if the poll was taken today. And for goodness sake, how accurate can a poll be when it takes four years to complete?

I should also mention that earlier this year, The Economist ranked Toronto as the best city in the world to live in! True, they are economists, but these guys tend to take a broader look and use something called the Democracy and Global Food Security Index when they rank cities.

Eat Good Food and You’ll Be Merrier

Reading comments on blogTo is always entertaining. Trying to find a common thread, though, I did see some longing for good food. One guy added food truck bans and the fact that we can’t buy beer or wine in grocery stores to a long list of complaints. I get that.

Others advised those who are glum, angry, etc., to get out a little, which I highly recommend. I liked the comment to “take a walk down College Street” to check out new bars and cafes.

We can’t do anything about the weather or the fact that we are way up north so it gets dark early but we can make our own relief. I suggest you throw a party. Call us to cater it. Don’t go with a run-of-the-mill caterer—Mitzuyan Kosher Catering is different. Really different.

People love our kosher dumplings.

For starters, we will prepare and serve the best kosher food you’ve ever tried. Yes, we are glatt kosher but we’re a heck of a lot more than gefilte fish and chicken soup. We are Toronto’s choice for modern kosher cuisine, inspired by menus from around the globe (which we also should mention are well-represented here in T.O.).

Dim sum, samosas, and Moroccan cigars are just a few items on our current appetizer list. Main courses include beef, lamb, or veg kebobs, miso-glazed salmon, and French cut veal. We even have a kosher sushi table.

Desserts include crème brûlée, tarts, molten chocolate cake, and more. For big events, we provide a late night sweet table with fondue and funnel cake stations, petit fours, cake pops, and seasonal fruit.

We buy everything fresh. We don’t go for canned or frozen stuff. We go to market for you, and buy from kosher vendors who are under the watchful eye of COR, the Kashruth Council of Canada. Give us a call and we can lay out some good ideas for your party. Together, maybe we can cheer up some of our fellow Torontonians.

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