Kosher Russian Weddings in Toronto

Mitzuyan has developed an expertise in kosher cuisine. Our executive chef leads a team of international chefs who can create authentic Russian food done accordance with  kosher regulations supervised by COR. Our latest kosher menu creation for a Russian wedding … Read More

Sukkot ideas by Kosher Catering Toronto

The next holiday to be celebrated is Sukkot. It begins on September 27, 2015 and ends October 4, 2015. Rosh hashanah has apples and honey. Chanukah has latkes. Passover has matzo. Shavuot has blintzes. What foods  does sukkot have associated … Read More

Breaking the Fast

Breaking the fast usually involves ordering a pizza, bagels with lux and dairy dishes or delicatessen. I was looking for something different and I found it “the twice-baked challah. I found an article written by Jim Romanoff for the Associated … Read More

Toronto Kosher Catering Promotion

  Toronto Kosher Catering Promotion $55.00 per person This is a sample menu and is based on 150 people. Additional charges such as venue rental, staffing, kosher equipment and dish rentals, rabbinical supervision fees may apply On The Table Artisan … Read More

Sweet Treats for a Sweet New Year

Bringing in the New Year with sweets is a terrific tradition which is worth keeping. Can anyone deny sweet temptations? I have scoured the internet for delicious treats to enjoy on Rosh Hashana. I hope you enjoy therm. Source: http://relocationtheblog.blogspot.ca/2011/12/hanukkah-big-holiday-that-isnt.html … Read More

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