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Kosher Chinese Recipes by Kosher Catering in Toronto

One of our favourite kosher Chinese recepies is Teriyaki Mushrooms and a easy to follow recipe is as follows: Teriyaki Mushrooms, source—Starters and Sides Made Easy by Leah Schapira and … Read More

Kosher Food Menus—Zucchini Based

Our mission as a Toronto kosher caterer is to prepare healthy kosher meals. Our favourite ingredient is zucchini. Two kosher food recipes based on zucchini. Zucchini Taco Shells Ingredients: • … Read More

Passover by Mitzuyan Kosher Catering Toronto

Passover is soon approaching and I am beginning to reflect and think about Jewish holidays in general. All Jewish holidays have an important religious significance. But to me, these celebrations … Read More

Gefilte Fish–Kosher Food Recipe

Gefilte fish is a Jewish staple on Shabbat, but becomes predominant at all first seders on passover dinners. What is gefilte fish? It is basically fish fillets ( carp, pike … Read More

Kosher Catering Food Recipes in Toronto

Delicious Spring Roll Recipes Spring rolls are a staple of Asian cuisine. It is a form of appetizer and snack all rolled into one. It comes in different shapes, sizes … Read More

Sheva Brachot–Small Event Venue Toronto

The week following a Jewish marriage is known as the “Sheva Brachot week.” During this time a series of small gatherings are held to honor the bride and the groom. … Read More

Kosher Food Menus and Traditions for Purim

Purim Rules and Traditions Triangular-shaped food such as kreplach and hamantashen pastries are eaten in memory of Haman’s three-cornered hat. Purim celebrates the freedom of the Jews from the wicked … Read More

Kosher Mexican Food Menus

Kosher Mexican Foods

Old Style Kosher Food Recipes Still Prevail

Purim is fast approaching and what is more traditional kosher food than the homontashen.  A sweet staple which has lasted for many years. New cooks or celebrity chefs can not … Read More

Enhance Your Kosher Food Menu with Chicken Skewers

You can enhance the kosher food menu that you prepare for family functions or special events with chicken skewers.  Very simple and easy to do. First step is  to cut … Read More

Kosher Interactive Food Stations

The Avenue Banquet Hall hosted a kosher bar mitzvah which was catered by Mitzuyan Kosher Catering. The parents selected to offer their guests interactive food stations instead of the traditional … Read More

Affordable Side Dishes— Root Vegetables

Is cauliflower the new white gold as it is depicted by the US media? In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, cauliflower reached eight dollars a head. The Canadian dollar is sinking and … Read More

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