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Kosher Catering 2017

Our 2017 kosher catering season has come to an end. We had the opportunity to cater many different events. We catered traditional Simchas in synagogues and banquet halls, but also had the pleasure of providing kosher services in unusual environments. The most challenging situation was building a mobile kosher kitchen at an equestrian horse barn….
kosher catering

Healthy Hanukkah Recipes

We celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles each night for eight days and indulge in the unhealthiest foods, fried and oily. It’s a yearly treat and can do no harm is the excuse we all lean on. We satisfy our sweet tooth with too many foods loaded with sugar. Is there a healthy way to celebrate…
Mobile Kosher Catering

Healthy Kosher Catering

Kosher catering is both an art and learned discipline. Traditional kosher catering started in the home and is now a multimillion dollar industry worldwide. A kosher caterer must be a trained chef and must be knowledgeable on kosher food regulations. What is and what is not allowed in kosher cooking. Adhering to the rules does…
kosher catering

Chanukah Sweet Foods

There is a religious significance to every Jewish holiday, but Chanukah is the most fun for young and old. Its time for presents and who doesn’t like presents. It is also an eight day holiday to celebrate the miracle of light. When you say Chanukah, you automatically think of menorahs, dreidels and fried oily foods….

Kosher Fun Foods for Bar Mitzvahs

  Kosher catering in Toronto can be fun. It just takes imagination and creativity to alter and substitute the non-kosher,  ingredient recipes to kosher. The following treats are the most popular kosher fun foods for bar mitzvahs  and bat mitzvahs. Slushies We provide slush puppies with a variety of flavours in a slush puppy machine….
Bat mitzvah breakfast

Bat Mitzvah Breakfasts

We love to cater Bat Mitzvah breakfasts on a Thursday at Beth Radom Congregation. The atmosphere is care free and relaxed. There is no tension or stress. Beth Radom states that it is a small shull where everyone knows your name. My family now attends all high holiday services at Beth Radom. Bat mitzvah celebrations…