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Toronto Kosher Catering for Rosh Hashanah

Our Toronto kosher catering team is always looking for new exciting kosher food recipes to offer our friends and clients. Its Rosh Hashanah and we are looking for sweets to eat with the hopes of having a sweet year. A delicious sweet main course was found on the following website: .www.foodandwine/recipes/pomegranate-glazed-lamb-chops Pomegranate Glazed Lamb Chops….
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Our in-house kosher catering chefs love a pick me up smoothie for afternoon snacks. The smoothies seem to revitalize them and give them a boost of energy. Working in a kosher kitchen is stressful and trying to satisfy our client’s expectations can be exhausting. The smoothies seem to be a prescription recommended for stress relief….
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Kosher Catering Team Prepares Comfort Food

Our kosher catering team prepares kosher meals which we provide to less fortunate people through out the year. Kosher comfort food is a good staple because it provides both nutrition and substance. Orzo with peas, olives, tarragon and pecans makes a delicious comfort food meal which is both vegetarian and vegan. Orzo is a rice…
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Toronto kosher catering company introduces meatless brunch. The demand for a meatless brunch or lunch to take place after a barmitzvah or batmitzvah service has increased in the last few years. Our talented chefs have created the following station menus to satisfy the need for a kosher meatless brunch-lunch. Salad Bar Platters of caprese toast,…
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Kosher Catering Toronto Introduces New Food Stations

Mitzuyan kosher catering  Toronto has designed new kosher buffet food stations for kosher events: weddings, barmitzvahs, batmitzvahs and galas. Kosher catering Toronto is changing and Mitzuyan is taking part in that change. Whole Food Dinner Buffet Assorted artisan dinner rolls Arugula and tossed green salad with strawberries, pears and candied pecans in a balsamic vinaigrette…
Kosher Wedding Catering

Kosher Wedding Catering

Mitzuyan kosher catering is pleased to introduce their latest kosher wedding catering food options. As a boutique style Toronto kosher caterer, we have the freedom to experiment and create new innovative food menu options at affordable prices. We have designed new budget friendly kosher buffet menus. Whole Food Dinner Buffet Assorted artisan dinner rolls Arugula…